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Develop health partnerships to enhance your workforce’s capabilities and coverage 

19th October

Ensuring a sustainable workforce across all care sectors is an almighty challenge. Too often when one sector benefits it is to the detriment of another.  


Collaboration not competition is required to ensure that all New Zealander’s have access to the finest health system, serviced by an exemplary workforce who are highly skilled and supported in their work.  


Partnerships between stakeholders, knowing who and how to connect, embedding the structures to achieve progress - are all integral components to creating a sustainable effective workforce for not only your organisation, but also for your peers across the sectors.    

                                 Facilitated by :

Tamati Shepherd-Wipiiti,
                        Te Whānau-ā-Apanui, Partner,
                             PwC New Zealand

Tamati Shepherd-Wipiiti Speaker Picture.jpg

Key Learnings

  • Enhance the outreach of your organisation to support your workforce 

  • Understand the tenets of strong stakeholder engagement to inspire and support your people  

  • Help your workforce by establishing partnerships with likeminded organisations 

  • Achieve win-win outcomes for your business and workforce 




Introduction to Facilitators and topic 

Session 1: Exploring the power of partnerships in relation to workforce 

Develop your understanding of partnerships, the core tenets of successful collaboration and the potential opportunities for your organisation to fashion win-win arrangements. Discuss the workforce challenges you are  seeking solutions to and unearth possible remedies through partnerships.



Morning Tea 

Session 2: Identifying who you can connect with to enhance your workforce
Scope out how you can find the appropriate prospective partners through reflecting on what matters to your organisation (I.e. values, vision etc...) and the specific workforce challenges you're facing. Investigate how to achieve greater alignment, ultimately in order to elevate your capabilities and guarantee mutual benefits for both.

Session 3: Implementing the partnerships and associations to strengthen your organisation 
Design how you are going to forge the connections needed to future proof your workforce through partnerships, starting from the initial engagement through to embedding the structures required for longer term relationships. 


Afternoon Tea





Session 4: Recap & takeaways which can be acted upon at your organisation
Plan and set about orchestrating how your organisation is going to connect with relevant stakeholders. Share with other attendees ideas about strategy, foreseeable obstacles and solutions to the workforce challenges you're facing. 



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